About us

The project called Polish Digital Art associates respected and recognized Polish artists who use the latest technology. The main mission of this venture is to introduce viewers to a new trend in art, which is digital painting and graphics. Additionally, it is intended to change a present-day image of computer artists. The organizers have made it their goal to set new standards of measuring the author’s achievements. The digital artist should be evaluated on his artistic work and on the number of exhibitions in which he participated rather than by the long list of his corporate clients.

The organizers present the works of people whose names do not appear on the pages of auction catalogs and whose works cannot be seen in museums. The subjective selection of works is intended to reflect a broad spectrum of modern digital graphics, its interests and topics.

In the interest of collectors, all the sculptures and graphic works have been prepared especially for the art market. Images were prepared using fine-art giclée print, on canvas designed for high quality digital printing (Ilford about 340g). Such procedure allows to obtain the best quality print while maintaining perfect color palette for decades. Designed by the creators, the sculptures themselves were manufactured ​​using high-precision spatial printing capabilities (CJP and SLS). Selected technologies provide exceptional quality details.

Each work has been produced in a limited edition, in a small batch. Five copies of the print were described with a number, a handwritten signature of the author and marked with a unique hologram. The transaction data will be incorporated into an online list of bitcoin contracts (blockchain). Protected works not only have a unique collectible value but also are a great investment .

In the history of the art, it was a common situation that artists who were ahead of their times, using innovative techniques and methods, lacked recognition. We hope it is only a matter of time that the digital art will be permanently hosted in galleries and on auctions.

Mikołaj Konopacki, Artur Paprocki

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