Diego de Almeida

Is a brazilian concept artist and illustrator. He is currently based in Warsaw working as illustrator in CD Projekt Red.Graduated in Traditional Painting at School of Fine Arts of Rio de Janeiro and received a Master Degree by the same university. As freelancer artist he worked for a varity of clients like Bethesda Softworks, Square Enix, Techland, Applibot, Dena, Neteasy Games, Helm System, just to name a few.

Piotr Arendzikowski

An independent illustrator and a concept artist living in Warsaw, Piotr has been creating for 6 years, ever since he gave up IT studies at the Warsaw University of Technology, after which he started learning to paint and draw from Ventzie Pirankov. Specialises in designing characters and illustrations for the needs of books, films and games. In his work, he often uses themes related to history, fantasy and science fiction. One of his favourite motives are Polish winged hussars, symbolising Poland's past might and glory. To add variety to his job, he works on his own projects as well as…

Wojtek Bajor

Concept artist at Flying Wild Hog. He abandoned architecture for computer graphics to be limitless with possibilities of creation. Primarily engaged in the environment and location design for movies and game development. In addition to working in computer games, he is also passionate about film and animation. In his free time, he develops his own project "RelicWorld", set in the post-apocalyptic future where sci-fi is associated with fantasy.

Wojciech Bem

Wojciech Bem, born in 1977, is an illustrator, drawer storyboarder and comic artist.

Szymon Biernacki

Born in Warsaw. Studied at the faculty of architecture of Warsaw University of Technology, where he obtained a degree in engineering. An independent drawer and conceptual artist. Since 2008 he has been designing advertisements, illustrations and animations. At the moment fascinated by CG animations, which are about to become his speciality. He has worked for such productions as „Animated History of Poland” directed by Tomasz Bagiński, cinematic for the game „Age of Empires Online”, an animated series dedicated to the game Halo 4 or a full length animated film „Smallfoot” (directed by Serio Pablos). He has cooperated with such studios…

Krystian Biskup

Urodzony 6 maja 1986r w Skawinie, ilustrator i artysta koncepcyjny. Grafiką cyfrową zajmuje się od 11 lat, kiedy to wygrał swój pierwszy tablet. Na przestrzeni lat brał udział w wielu projektach reklamowych i niezależnych. Sztuce Koncepcyjnej na poważnie poświęcił się po zajęciu pierwszego miejsca  w konkursie CGMA i ukończeniu kursu designu prowadzonego przez Jamesa Paick'a. Niekonwencjonalny, nie cierpiący niepotrzebnych ograniczeń i sztywnych reguł artysta ze sprecyzowanym światopoglądem i pozytywnym nastawieniem. Inspiracje w swojej twórczości czerpie z otaczającej go rzeczywistości, literatury i filmu, oraz pracy innych artystów, których spotyka na swojej drodze. 

Sylwia Bomba

Illustrator and concept artist. Her great adventure with drawing and painting has started long before school education. under the tutelage of her father. She sealed her love for the art by leaving to Italy in 2005 where she has started art school and her first job as a graphic designer. During high school her adventure with art brought some of the first place prizes in prestigious national illustration competitions ( Durexa advertisement or graphic/packaging in "Centro di studi grafici" in Milan). She exhibited her works in several cities ( 2007 Pistoia, Italy / 2008 Prague, Czech Republic/ 2009 Hamstad, Sweden…

Bożena Chądzyńska

Bożena Chądzyńska is a might-have-been architect, after 5 years of studying at the Architecture faculty of the Technical University of Wrocław left with a few letters before her name and an aversion towards designing toilets. That was when she decided to start working in graphics and settled in Polish game development, where to this day she can draw all the sweet and precious things she likes the most. She uses her experience in architecture while both designing and illustrating game worlds, feeling bound to only picture what would be functional and reasonably constructed.

Igor Aqualoopa Chołda

Illustrator, designer, animator and street artist. Graduate of Warsaw University, faculty of philosophy, and Łódź Film School. Known primarily as a mural artist. Makes and comakes ads, spots and short animated films. Individual exhibition of videos and paintings „Infection” at the Galery 3678 „U Artystów” 2011. First prize laureate in the Levi's mural competition „Go Forth” (2011), first prize in the mural competition in the memory of Maria Curie-Skłodowska, held at the Centrum Underground Station entrance in 2011 and the first prize laureate in the competition „Integration Inspires” in the community aid centre „Pod Skrzydłami” in Warsaw (2011) and the…

Piotr Ciećkowski

Piotr Ciećkowski is a freelance artist born in 1988, professionally working as a graphic designer and spending his free time on all manners of illustration, digital painting and sometimes traditional painting. His tablet adventure began in 2007 as he was studying the basics of drawing and painting at Art High School in Szczecin. He earned a bachelor's degree in Design at the West Pomeranian University of Technology. It is there that he expanded his skills in graphic design and learnt to love art posters, which led to his exposition on the 22nd Biennial in Polish Poster in Katowice and the…

Marta Dahlig

Marta started as a self-taught artist and has been in digital art for 12 years. A consultant and author of a few dozen of compendia and articles about digital art published by major titles in the industry (including ImagineFX, Corel Painter, D’Artiste, Digital Artist, Computer Arts). She works as a freelance illustrator cooperating with foreign publishing houses; creates concept arts for computer games (her clients include Funcom, Paradox Interactive, Applibot, Deep Silver, High 5 Games)

Patrycja Domańska

Patrycja Domańska is a student of Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, her city of birth. For the last couple of years she has been working with both traditional art and digital painting. What defines the works of this illustrator and concept artist is her fascination with science fiction. She is currently working as a concept artist in Platige Image studio in Warsaw.

Maciej Drabik

Is an aspiring concept artist and illustrator working for vfx and game development companies.

Karol Duma

Karol Duma is a graphic designer, illustrator and drawer currently living in Katowice. He never planned to become an artist until, by chance, he came across graphic design when he was 19. After 9 years of work in the advertising industry he started to look for a different path. He decided to found his own business Motoko and to work in digital painting. Shortly thereafter, he got employed in Artifex Mundi where to this day he works on games famous for their beautiful painted look. Privately, he prefers different styles. In his rather dark, surrealist and atmospheric illustrations he seeks…

Marcin Fogler

Marcin Fogler was born in 1993 in Łódź. A graduate of Computer Graphics at the University of Computer Sciences and Skills in Łódź, he is currently studying on the 1st year of masters studies at Media Art faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He is fascinated with digital graphics, animation and film. He has been drawing for a long time, but he did not discover his own potential as a painter until he was 20, motivated by his professors. He is a versatile user of both traditional and digital media. He currently works as a freelance artist,…

Piotr Forkasiewicz

Born 11 April 1978 in Opole. For 20 years in digital art. He made his first animation in simple 2D applications, replacing the single pixels with polygons in advanved 3D programmes. In the last dozen or so years he has taken part in a variety of projects, ranging from graphic / industrial design to digital models, textures, scenography to film / tv animations. Potr has cooperated with an established studio 'Platige Image' working on a couple of medium-length films. He has also worked with Copernicus Science Centre Planetarium and also contributed to creating the first Polish 3D film „Na skrzydłach…

Wojciech Fus

An illustrator and a concept artist. Currently works as a freelancer developing games and animations (Platgie Image, One Pixel Brush, Applibot). In his spare time he paints this what he finds the most enjoyable. Recently among his favourites are the portraits of women, illustrations and the concepts which can be best describe as being in the cyberpunk style. He frequently connects poetical, limited forms such as feathers and beautiful women with ultramodern costumes and high-tech equipment. Tries to keep the soul of traditional media. In his work he uses modern technology and techniques of Photoshop, in the same time referring…

Bartłomiej Gaweł

Bartłomiej Gaweł is an artist, illustrator and art director. He graduated in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. He began his career working as a drawer in Tequilla Polska advertising agency and discovered concept art 2 years later. For the last 9 years he has been working for CD Projekt Red, currently as Principal Concept Artist. He worked on every instalment of “The Witcher”. He is also a member of GDC Europe Advisory Board.

Bogna Gawrońska

Is an illustrator and concept artist. She works for CD Projekt Red Studio. She cooperates with movies and advertising companies. Also makes illustarions for books. She gets inspirations from music and cinematography. In her free time she studies, rides a bike and tries to make her dreams come true.

Adrianna Głowacka

Adrianna Głowacka is a professional concept artist and illustrator in the gaming and marketing industries (GOG, Platige Image). Her speciality is designing characters and creatures in a unique style inspired by fashion, new technologies and a pinch of surrealism. She graduated in New Media at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. She loves animals, video games and haute couture fashion.

Adam Grania

Born in Bydgoszcz. Has been dealing with graphics for over 13 years, specializing in 3D. His artistic portfolio includes architectural visualizations, models of products, the game art objects and their illustrations – they often have to do with science-fiction.

Mariusz Harasymów

Born in Wodzisław Śląski, a student at the Faculty of graphic arts at the Silesian University in Cieszyn. He has been interested in digital painting for more than 6 years. In addition to digital art he also has to do with drawing, graphic art and painting. In his work he mainly specializes in figurative art.

Piotr Jabłoński

Is a concept artist and illustrator. Studied on Architecture Department at University in Białystok. worked for: Arkane Studios, Aaron Sims Creative,Wizards of the Coast, Games Workshop, Platige Image, Applibot, NetEase Games,Tokkun Studio, Aggressive Tv, Centipede Press, Ixorvfx, Applibot, Evermotion and more. Now he lives and works as a freelancer in Białystok.

Marcin Jakubowski

A freelance illustrator and a creator of concept art. Lives in Gdańsk. He contributed to many projects, in particular connected with CG animation, TV and advertising. As a self-taught man, he took his first steps in digital graphics using Commodore 64. He connects his future with the film and game industry. Using his imagination, he creates new worlds in many different styles and genres, however puts the biggest stress on the climate of his works. Awards received: NVArt: „Surreal in the style of Jacek Yerka” at, the second place at CG Challenge: „Steampunk: Myths and Legends” at, Texture…

Tomasz Jędruszek

Tomasz Jędruszek is an illustrator born in 1977. By profession, he is an architect, but his passions were always illustration and comic. He started his illustrator's career in 2003. In his 12-year-long career he managed to work on all the titles that he had previously known only from books and television, like “The Lord of the Rings”, “Star Wars”, “Game of Thrones” or “Warhammer”. However, he never managed to publish his own comic book, even though he has been working on a couple of titles in the privacy of his atelier. His work as an illustrator earned him numerous awards…

Alicja Kapustka

Ala Kapustka is an illustrator and concept artist. An archaeologist by education, after graduating she chose drawing 2D animation and game art. She is currently on internship in CD Projekt RED.

Aleksander Karcz

Aleksander Karcz was born in Zgorzelec and graduated from PWSSP in Wrocław. He practised oil painting and polychrome with exhibitions in BWA Wrocław, Alliance Française Antananarivo (Madagascar) and others. He illustrated numerous children's books for Wydawnictwo Dolnośląskie publishing house, Siedmioróg (Wrocław) and Publicat (Poznań). He currently works as a digital illustrator and concept artist for Badger's Nest, Lucrum Games, Hex and Fantasy Flight Games.

Michał Konwicki

A 3D artist. Created illustrations, animations, advertisements, motion picture effects, visualizations and animated films. For many years involved in making architectural visualizations for some of the biggest, not only polish but also foreign, studios. For the needs of advertising industry he has been making animated films and effects to them. In addition to his work, he creates 3D graphics published in: Expose 8 and 9, 3dcreative magazine, 3D World. Some of them received a mention on the pages of the CGSociety, 3DTotal, CGArena, The Gnomon Workshop and others. Currently he is associated with the Studio Orka as a lead of…

Przemysław Kotyński

A Concept artist and an Illustrator who is currently works for the film and advertising production studio Orka in Warsaw. He worked in the postproduction of such pictures as "Obława" by Marcin Krzyształowicz, "80 millionów" by Waldemar Krzystka, "Dziewczyna z szafy" by Bodo Koxa, "Ixjany" by Skolimowski brothers, or “AmbaSSady" by Juliusz Machulski. He has created for such brands as Mazda, Orange, ladybug, Oshee, Bwin, Bakoma, Garnier, coral, Play, Peugeot, Samsung, Ferrero. He also worked for the video game industry, among his projects are "Anomaly: Warzone Earth", the game of Warsaw studio 11bit Studios, which won an Apple Design Award…

Mariusz Kozik

Mariusz Kozik is a comprehensive artist. His works  include traditional painting, book & game illustration and digital art. His favourite theme is patriotic and historic painting. Artist is very meticulous and thorough. With extraordinary precision try to express the atmosphere of old times. Always strives for realism and truth, what brings each work as a detailed masterpiece.

Kamila Kozłowska

Kamila Kozłowska is an independent illustrator whose graphics journey began just after discovering drawing tablets. Her first works were heavily influenced by nature documentaries, Japanese animation and comic books. She was awarded by numerous websites and in various online contests (she earned 1st place in the “Inspired by Japan” contest twice and an honourable mention on the International Festival of Comics and Games in Łódź in short form comics category). Her art was featured in Computer Arts UK, Soul Magazine and other publications.

Antonina Kraszewska

Born in Warsaw, Antonina Kraszewska is a freelance illustrator and graphics student at the Warsaw School of Information Technology. She has been drawing for as long as she remembers. Over the years she developed her passion frequenting various drawing and painting courses and studying at faculties related to art and design. In her works she uses both traditional and digital techniques. In her free time she designs and sews fantasy and steampunk costumes. She is currently working as a tattoo artist in one of Warsaw's studios.

Maciej Kuciara

A concept artist and an Illustrator. For over 10 years he has been creating for the film and the video game industry. His career started from making visualizations and designing characters for the computer games. The list of his clients is highly impressive and includes: Platige Image, Marvel, Fox, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. CD Project RED - all these names prove that his professionalism and skills can be trusted. He has been recently working at the computer game studio called Naughty Dog in California. The latest project of the studio is the game "The last of us” which in 2013…

Michał Kus

Born in the Netherlands. Since he was a little boy he has been fascinated in drawing. In 2006, he got his first job as a freelance concept artist working on a small game and in 2012, he started working full time at ISOTX, which specializes in creating strategy games. After a year he resigned from that job and now, as a freelancer, he works on the projects for such companies as Jellyfish pictures and EA games.

Luiza Kwiatkowska

Luiza Kwiatkowska is an illustrator and character designer. She graduated in Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, though she regrets not frequenting an animation or comic school instead. She specialises in various creatures... Especially the furry ones. They appear both on paper and as stuffed toys. She is the mother of Creature Industry. She works in advertisement, animation, game and fashion industries. She also uses her art to support charity for children and animals. She tries to avoid routine by constantly learning to use new techniques and tools. The most recent ones are ink and watercolour.

Tomasz Larek

Tomasz Larek is an illustrator, graphic designer and an enthusiast and collector of music, comic books and what is widely recognised as urban art. When asked about what he would like to be doing when he grows up he always replied that he will be drawing. He sold his first illustration when he was 4, bartering a self-drawn spaceship and its crew for his brother's toy car. His years of working as a graphic designer taught him to constantly look for new solutions. He calls himself poisoned by the rule that no project shall be like its predecessors. Although he…

Mateusz Lenart

Born in 1987 in Cracow, Mateusz Lenart loved to play with pencils and crayons since early childhood. As years went by, the career of an artist was the only one he could picture for himself. In 2012 he graduated in Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. He has worked in the professional Polish video game industry since 2007. At present, he is a creative art director for Bloober Team (“Layers of Fear”, “Observer”) in Cracow. In his free time he creates illustrations for board games, films and advertising. He is currently finishing his own short animated film…

Michał Lisowski

A concept artist and an Illustrator. For several years he has been participating in various advertising projects, feature films, animations and video games. His list of clients is long and includes Platige Image, Ars Thanea, Axis Animation, La Chose, McCann Eriksson, the killer whale Film, Chimney Pot, Personnel Film Studio, 3D Total, Privateer Press. Among the most interesting projects on which he worked is a series of animations for games "Halo 4", numerous illustrations for Ubisoft, Disney, Discovery Channel. He was involved in some conceptual work and colorscripts for MTV, Warner Bros. There were also some indigenous film productions as…

Tomasz Łukaszczyk

Born in Kielce, graduated from the Faculty of painting, graphics and sculpture at The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań in 2000. He obtainted a degree in sculpture in the studio of Prof. Maciej Szańkowskiego. Lives and works in Kielce. Uses varied techniques such as sculpture, painting, electronic painting and drawing. He received a special award from the European Union for the 14TH International Biennale of Small Sculptural Forms in Ravenna in 2003 and the first prize (ex eaquo) in the competition for young Sculptors Orońsko 2003. In 2010 his individual exhibition of sculptures was shown by the History Museum…

Marek Madej

A concept artist currently working in Warsaw for CD Projekt RED on one of the most anticipated games of 2014, "Wiedźmin 3: Dziki Gon". He has been working in this industry for more than 6 years. Some of his most interesting projects that must be listed are: "The Melancholy" by Lars Fon Trier and "The lost town of Svitiaz" by Kamil Polak. In his portfolio you can find both niche and independent projects, as well as illustrations for board games, RPGs, CD and book covers for Ars Machina publishing house. There are also many commercial advertising projects. Among his clients…

Tomasz Majewski

Graduate of the Arts Faculty of UMCS - versatile designer, illustrator and graphic designer. His favourite field of art is illustration, both digital and traditional. His works can be found on the international Web portals, such as,,, and others. His designs have been featured by Behance (Featured), Digital Art Served and qualified to the Top 50 illustrations of 2013 (From Up North).

Sławomir Maniak

Born in Gdańsk - professional freelancer, weight sports lover. He fancies all sorts of games. He says that he would have never taken up drawing if it hadn’t been for his summer boredom and love of dark fantasy. He is the author of illustrations to many popular games such as “Magic: the Gathering","World of Warcraft","Warhammer" and "Star Wars". From time to time he also works as a conceptual artist. He took part in such productions as "Wiedźmin 2", "Crisis 2”, “Hearthstone." Currently he has been creating for such companies as: Games Workshop, Wizards of the Coast, Blizzard, CD Project, MTV.

Tomasz Michalski

Born in Koszalin – an artist, designer and 3D artist. He is a student of the Institute of design of University of Technology in Koszalin. For the past 6 years he has been fascinated in the 3D technique. For an everyday living he creates photorealistic visualizations and in his spare time he focuses on his own projects that have to do with design, interiors and 3D graphics.

Mateusz Kalberos Michalski

Born on May 17, 1987 in Żywiec, Mateusz Kalberos Michalski started his drawing adventure with “Dragon Ball” manga. His digital drawing career is 4 years long, preceded by 2 years of working with traditional media. He specialises in illustration and concept art. He often mentions his love of mountains.

Leszek Mielczarski

Born in Bytom, his main interests include 3D sculpting motion graphics, drawing and sculpture itself. Became interested in computer graphics at the age of 13. His first program to use was 3d studio. He graduated from the Art School in Katowice obtaining a degree in wood curving. At the beginning of his adventure with graphics he co-worked on the special effects to the feature films and created computer games. In a meantime he worked for advertising agencies. From 2007 he worked for TVN, a Polish TV station, as an artwork designer. Since 2013 he has been a freelancer.

Michał Migacz

The digital painter creating designs and illustrations for the advertising industry, motion pictures, computer games and publishing. He made his debut with the publication of illustrations in a non-existent today role-playing games magazine "Magia i Miecz". Some of his first works were produced using traditional techniques, in accordance with the education he had received in high school of art and at the drawing faculty of the Architecture in Warsaw. His interest in digital painting started with accepting some jobs for storyboards for one of the agencies based in Warsaw. Since that very moment, he has been professionally working using digital…

Milena Młynarska

Born 1986 Milena Młynarska is an illustrator and concept artist working in Wrocław. She creates digital illustrations, storyboards and concept arts for various production needs. She gained her experience working for game development and postproduction companies (Juice, Ten Square Games, Tequila Games) and as a fantasy book cover illustrator (Zysk, Fabryka Słów, Nasza Księgarnia, Foksal Group). Currently employed as a Storyboard Artist at Techland.

Michał Motulewicz

Michał Motulewicz is an enthusiast of digital painting, concept art and illustration born in Cracow. He has been drawing all his life, moving on to digital media 4 years ago. He is a graduate of Computer Graphics at the University of Information Technologies.

Łukasz Nowicki

Urodzony w Białymstoku, związany z Opolem.Swoją przygodę z rysunkiem i rzeźbą rozpoczął w liceum o profilu renowacja zabytków architektury.Pierwsze komercyjne prace wykonał dla firmy Mattel, tworząc ilustracje samochodów dla dzieci (Hot Wheels i Matchbox). Obecnie pracuje w warszawskim studio Platige Image. Kupując swój pierwszy tablet nie przypuszczał, że będzie go używać do pracy zawodowej.  

Julita Nowosad

(born 1988) Is a graphic designer and illustartor. She studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. She is fascinated by human character and emotions. She presents people as animals because takes inspirations from fairytales. She focus on painting techniques: chiaroscuro, medium, composition. She is full of admiration for masters of digital art. Always says that she ned to practice more.

Marek Okoń

Ilustrator and concept designer  who works professionally for over 8 years. He started his digital graphic career as book covers and album illustrations designer. Nowadays he works for best video game producers (famous and many times rewarded Naughty Dog studio owned by Sony or Massive Entertainment owned by Ubisoft ) as well as for many film studios (Legendary Pictures, Thunder Road Pictures, Warner Bross, Marvel) by designing environments, characters, promotion materials, covers and posters.

Karolina Oksiędzka

Is a graphic designer in CD PROJEKT RED. Sha graduated Architecture of Landscape at Warsaw University of Life Sciences also Graphic at Polish - Japanese Academy of Information Technology. She is interested in behawiorism of animals and healthy life style. In free time she goes for a long walks.

Katarzyna Oleska

For many years she has been creating illustrations to books and audiobooks – both for polish and international market. She illustrated a series of books by Terry Pratchett dedicated for German market. She creates both traditional and digital graphics and some of her works can be found on numerous websites connected with digital graphics. Her works were exhibited in such places as Pałac Poznańskich in Łódz and in the Museum of Cinematography also in the same city. On daily basis she has to do with architecture but topics of her paintings are closely connected to fantasy. She also specialities in…

Iga Oliwiak

Iga Oliwiak is a 22-years-old painter and drawer born and living in Szczecin, where she currently studies at the Arts Academy, preparing to defend her master's thesis in Art Graphics. Inspired by the aesthetics of steampunk and 18th century fashion, she collaborates with numerous music bands, game designers and children's books publishers. She loves to travel and is said to always keep her sketch book near.

Hanna Oloś

Hanna Oleś describes herself as “just a Hania from somewhere near Warsaw”. If you insisted on a more detailed description, she would come as a genuine bookworm, a big film buff and an eternal child. Since early childhood she could not live without illustration, although she only introduced herself to digital graphics once she turned 18 and received her first pen tablet “for a start”. She has since graduated in Graphics and started working as an illustrator. Illustrating children's books and creating comics hold a special place in her heart. She likes to mix traditional pencil techniques with digital ones.

Mateusz Oźmiński

Born in Poznań, obtained master's degree in Architecture and Urban Planning at University of Technology in Poznan. Since 2008 he has been working as a freelance illustrator and a concept artist. Discovered his passion in the age of 16 drawing numerous portraits. Soon after, he added Photoshop to his skills and he has been loyal to these two tools ever since. Appreciated in international contests. Won ImagineFX Rising Stars 2011, as well as "inspired by Japan" organized by the PSD Photoshop. His graphics are published in magazines and books such as: Digital Art Masters vol. 6 by Focal Press publishing…

Mikołaj CYBE Piszczako

His adventure with an illustration and graphics started in high school. He is one of the pioneers of the Polish graffiti scene. For about 7 years, he worked as a freelance storyboard writer with the leading advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett, DDB, Euro RSCG, Brain, Satchi&Satchi. For a year and a half, as a senior concept artist at Techland in a Warsaw branch, worked on the title “Dead Island RIPTIDE”. He is currently employed at the Agency Ars Thanea as a senior concept artist, making projects for Adobe, Wacom, Nike, GE, or British Airways.

Grzegorz Przybyś

Rysownik koncepcyjny, ilustrator i współtwórca studia Division 48. Zaczął swoją karierę w 2007 roku na stanowisku concept artist we wrocławskim Techlandzie. Pracował nad takimi tytułami jak "Call of Jaurez:Bound in Blood", "Dead Island" and "Call of Juarez: The Cartel". W 2010 roku załozył razem ze swoim bratem własne studio i zaczął pracować dla różnych klientów, tworząc animacje, ilustracje oraz materiały promocyjne. Jego bogate portfolio zawiera takie projekty jak "Witcher 3", "Dying Light" "Call of Juarez: Gunslinger", "Might and Magic X" and "Heroes VII". Miłośnik zarówno nowoczesnych technik grafiki komputerowej jak i tradycyjnego medium. W chwilach wolnych od pracy zawodowej chętnie…

Magdalena Radziej

Maciej Rasała

Born in Gdynia, brought up in Sopot. Since he was 17, he has been fascinated by computer graphics. After graduating from the shipbuilding technical high school, he worked in a dock yard in Gdynia and that is how he collected money for his first and own computer. With determination he created his first portfolio which got him a job in Warsaw. In 2007, at first he began working in TVN24, and then in Fakty TVN, where he was a graphic designer. Meanwhile, he devoted every spare moment to self-improvement. At the age of 25, he decided to leave the TV…

Maciej Rebisz

Is a concept artist and illustrator. He first started making digital art in 2005 and he has been doing it professionaly since 2010. As a freelancer he illustrated many books, card and board games, created concepts and illustrations for various projects and games, mostly science fiction themed. Maciej loves space and spaceflight technology, which he depicts as realistic as possible in his works. He is currently working as an artist in Platige Image studio in Warsaw. Recently he also collaborates with space institutes and agencies (i.a. NASA, Arizona State University) and space industry companies.

Jakub Różalski

Graduate of School of Applied Arts in Poznań. He is a concept artist and an illustrator. Has been in professional graphics for about 10 years. Since his early childhood, he has been interested in drawing, painting, fantasy, film and games. From 2005 he worked as Chief Designer in the Apart company and as a freelance illustrator and a concept artist. A year ago he decided to devote himself completely to what he loves most, which is conceptual graphics in games and making illustrations. He has worked for many, both polish and foreign, clients. Currently, he works and lives in Hamburg.…

Grzegorz Rutkowski

An Illustrator, a concept artist and a graphic designer. Participant of many international projects. Deals with creating illustrations and concepts for both computer games and publishers (Ubisoft, Bigpoint, Applibot, DeAgostini being, Mondadori, Fantasy Flight Games).

Krzysztof Rybczyński

Born in Kielce, graduated of The Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. Since the late 1980s he has dabbled in computer animation and graphics. He is a winner of awards such as the Grand Prix given by the Fantasy magazine, the Grand Prix awarded by Digital Magazine and many others. Currently both commercially and artistically, he has to do with graphics and advertising. Works with The Polish-Japanese Institute of Information and Technology in Warsaw at the Department of new Media where he runs classes from the 2D animation and 3D graphics.

Artur Sadłos

When I design, I focus on solving problems. When I paint, I want to show the world as I see it. " Born 1983   Portfolio: "When I design, I'm focused on problem-solving. When I'm painting, I want to show the world as I see it."   Artur has been a concept artist, illustrator, and art director for almost 15 years. He designs for the video game industry, animation, and film.   Due to the broad and passionate interest in the entire process of creation, he never limited himself to one creative field. In his career, he has occupied many positions and…

Michał Sawtyruk

Urodzony w Siedlcach rysownik i ilustrator obecnie mieszkający w Warszawie. W wolnych chwilach tworzy własne malowidła i jeździ na deskorolce. Od kilku lat zajmuje się stroną wizualną w przemyśle reklam i gier. W swojej karierze brał udział w projektach dla Platige Image, Televisor, Axis Animation, Aljazeera Media Network, Sehsucht. Na koncie ma kilka mniejszych publikacji w tym 8 części książki Digital Art Masters.

Maciej Sidorowicz

Maciej Sidorowicz is an illustrator and drawer born in Warsaw in 1983. Having graduated from the university closest to where he lived, he reflected that sports and recreation management was not how he should spend his life. Apart from graffiti, he got interested in painting in 2008 and has been broadening his artistic horizons ever since. His art has been used in advertisement for the last 2 years. In his free time he works on his own projects.

Łukasz Sienkiewicz

W pracy zajmuje się ilustracjami, grafikami promocyjnymi i mattepaintingiem przy grach wideo oraz filmach. Urodzony w 1991r, sztuką interesował się od najmłodszych lat.  Studiował Architekturę na Politechnice Gdańskiej, lecz porzucił ten kierunek z chęci rozwoju swojej pasji do rysowania. Aktualnie zatrudniony w firmie Techland. Inspiruje się sztuką dawnych mistrzów takich Albert Bierstadt, David Friedrich czy Toulouse-Loutrec. Wolne chwile spędza nad tworzeniem własnych projektów oraz nauce nowych narzędzi i technik.

Sebastian Skrobol

The author of the comic books from Wrocław. Has received many awards for short comic forms during contests run on festivals. His works were published in various catalogues, collective albums and anthologies. Professionally works as an Illustrator and a graphic designer and is mainly connected with the game industry. He is currently working on his first feature-length copyrighted comic book "Quiet little Melody".

Michał Sowa

Born in Pomerania in 1991, Michał Sowa has been fascinated with art and video games for as long as he can remember. He began his adventure with concept art and illustration not long ago, when he created his first mobile game together with his brother. Since then he has been constantly developing his skills and horizons.

Marcin Warzecha

Marcin Warzecha is a freelance illustrator and concept artist born in 1989. He started his adventure with drawing while studying architecture. He works in professional digital painting since 2013. He creates illustrations for children's books, book covers, advertising and games. In his free time he loves to reach for a pencil and study human form, movement and anatomy.

Mateusz Wielgus

Is an architect, Studied at Silesian University of Technology. After graduation he get interested in 3D graphics. He is a founder of Black Chilla Design Studio. Today works as a graphic and CG artist. Also he is dragons' breeder.

Sonia Wiśniewska

Sonia Wiśniewska, born in 1988 in Częstochowa, is a graduate of Art High School in Częstochowa, the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. A graphic designer, concept artist and animator by education, she has a passion for writing fantasy novels. She loves to design her heroes and their worlds. Her literary debut was “The City of Immortals” and she is planning to publish more novels that for now dwell in her drawers. Currently, she is also striving to tame the art of comics...

Rafał Wojtunik

A concept art, dependent on the mood and the supply of sugar, also an illustrator, an art director and occasionally a director. Graduate of nowhere, he co-founded too many commercials in Platige Image, probably mostly known from the work created for the short film "Sztuka Spadania".

Darek Zabrocki

  Darek Zabrocki - 24 years old concept artist and illustrator from Gdansk, Poland. In 2007, he switched from traditional techniques to digital painting and began dealing with it professionally. He loves facing new challenges and trying new techniques. Furthermore, he never stops exploring and learning new stuff that keeps him motivated. His clients list include companies like: Blur, Ubisoft, Sony, Sega, Creative Assembly, Wizards of the Coast and 20th Century Fox. He worked on projects such as: Assassin’s Creed, Total War, Rigs (PS4), Sid Meier’s: Starships and many others.

Mathias Zamęcki

A Concept artist, an illustrator, a mattepainter. He finished the second edition of Drimagine in Nowy Sącz. Torn between 2D and 3D graphics, tries to combine these two worlds in his conceptual projects. Involved in creating concept arts for computer games and advertising. Among his clients are: Platige Image, Juice, Paizo, Infinite Dreams, Madman Theory Games.

Tomasz Zarucki

Tomasz Zarucki is a concept artist and illustrator from Warsaw creating video games CGI and animation. Painting and drawing fascinated him since childhood and he systematically expanded his skills by learning digital painting and 3D graphics. In his free time he likes to experiment, mixing techniques and media.

Izabela Zelmańska

Professionally engaged in designing and modeling characters for games, animations and movies. She has been drawing since her early years. She started with comics, then tried her hand at painting. Professionally she has been dealing with 2D graphics for over 11 years and with 3D for about 6. After-hours spent sculpting in clay, she models using graphic programs. She also looks into photogrammetry for the use of scanning forms. She is passionate about horror film, criminology and forensics. She has participated in the process of making such games as "Dead Island Riptide" by Techland, "The Vanishing of Ethan Carter," The…

Gracjana Zielińska

Gracjana Zielińska is an illustrator, concept artist and 2D graphic designer. In 2011 she co-founded a small indie studio MoaCube. In her free time she works on her own highly stylised 2D game project and a series of comic books. She creates using both digital and traditional media, depending on her mood and needs. She collaborated with Ballistic Publishing, Corel, Artifex Mundi, Fantasy Flight Games, Harper Design, Ilex Press, 2D Artist Magazine and others. She likes to say that still wants to become an artist when she grows up...

Katarzyna Zielińska

Katarzyna Zielińska is a freelance illustrator and concept artist born in 1990. She was fascinated with drawing and fantasy since early childhood. She graduated in architecture, although she already knew she would rather tie her future with illustration and game design. She works with both 2D and 3D software. She was awarded 1st place in's Grim Fandango illustration contest. One of her works created for an indie game “Scamper” was published in CD-Action magazine.

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