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  1. The Website uses small files called cookies. They are recorded by Strona 2/5 Website on a computer of a visitor to the Website, if a web browser allows so. Cookie file usually contains a name of domain, where it comes from, its expiry time and an individual random number that identifies such file. Information collected by means of such type of files allow to adjust services offered by to individual preferences and actual needs of visitors at the Website. It gives also an opportunity to work out general statistics of hits into information presented at the Website.
  2. uses two types of cookie files:
    • a) Session cookie: recorded information is deleted from memory of a device after an end of a session of a given web browser or after a computer is turned off. Session cookie mechanism does not allow for collection of any personal data and other confidential information from User’s computer.
    • b) Persistent cookie: they are kept on User’s hard disk drive until they are deleted. Persistent cookie mechanism does not allow to collect any personal information or any confidential information from users computer.
  3. uses its own cookies to:
    • a) authentication in the Website and to ensure the user session in the Website (after logging in), through which the user does not have on every page to retype your login and password;
    • b) analyzes and surveys and audits audience, and in particular to create anonymous statistics that help to understand how customers use the Website, which allows improvement of their structure and content.
  4. uses external cookies to Certificate presentation "Trusted Regulation" through the website (administrator of external cookies: B2B Consulting Sp. z o.o. seated in the Warsaw, Poland).
  5. The cookie mechanism is safe for computers of the Website’s Users. In particular this way does not give a possibility for viruses or other unwanted or malicious software to enter your computers. Still, Users have an option in their web browsers to limit or switch off the access of cookie files to their computers. If you use this option, you may still use the Website except functions that due to their nature require cookies.
  6. Below you can find how to change the settings for web browsers on the use of cookies:
  7. may collect your IP address. IP address is a number assigned to the computer of a website visitor by your ISP. IP number allows you to access the Internet. In most cases, the computer is assigned dynamically, ie it changes every time you connect to the Internet and therefore is widely regarded as a nonpersonally identifying information. The IP address is used by in diagnosing technical problems with the server, creating a statistical analysis (eg determining regions from which we note the most visits), as information useful in administering and improving the Website, as well as for security purposes and the possible identification of aggravating server unwanted automatic programs for viewing Website content.
  8. The Website contains links and hyperlinks to other web pages. shall not be responsible for privacy policies in force therein.
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