Darek Zabrocki


Born 25 February 1991


Darek Zabrocki - 24 years old concept artist and illustrator from Gdansk, Poland.
In 2007, he switched from traditional techniques to digital painting and began dealing with it professionally. He loves facing new challenges and trying new techniques. Furthermore, he never stops exploring and learning new stuff that keeps him motivated.

His clients list include companies like:  Blur, Ubisoft, Sony, Sega, Creative Assembly, Wizards of the Coast and 20th Century Fox.

He worked on projects such as: Assassin’s Creed, Total War, Rigs (PS4), Sid Meier’s: Starships and many others.



Exhibition "CITIES" 16.12.2015r. - 17.01.2016r. Pragaleria ul. Stalowa 3

Exhibition catalogue

TVP info about exhibition: "Wymyślone światy Darka Zabrockiego"


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