Mariusz Kozik


Born 1973.

Mariusz Kozik was born in 1973 in Lublin. He has studied at Cyprian Kamil Norwid Art High School in Lublin since 1989 to 1994. He studied at Fine Arts University on Painting and Sculpture Department in Wrocław. He was working under the academic supervision of prof. Grzegorz Zyndwalewicz (at first year) and under the art direction of prof. Józef Hałas. He graduted the University in 2000.

Mariusz Kozik is a comprehensive artist. His works  include traditional painting, book & game illustration and digital art. His favourite theme is patriotic and historic painting. Artist is very meticulous and thorough. With extraordinary precision try to express the atmosphere of old times. Always strives for realism and truth, what brings each work as a detailed masterpiece.

Artist is highly-regardes as a creator of illustration and digital art. He cooperated with: Creative Assembly, SEGA, FireForge Games, The Lordz Games Studio, Wargamer. His images was used in publications and covers of books and magazines such as Osprey Publishing, Fabryka Słów or Editura Alexandria. What is more, artist has cooperated with WarBook company for many years. WarBook published an fully – illustrated album with artist’s works.

Mariusz Kozik was a participant of many individual and group exhibitions. Moreover, he was a laureate of prestige art competitions. His unusual talent was discovered during his university times by one of the most famous polish artist prof. Józef Hałas, who said: „ Mariusz Kozik belonged to the little amount of mine students, who was outstanding and distinguished. In my opinion he has a big chance to become a very interesting artist. ”[1]

Prizes and merits

1997 – III prize in Polish Competition of Sculpture with Music Theme, Lublin’97
2000 – Honorary merit for works presented during the „Wschodni Salon sztuki 2000” exhibition
2001 – Prize of Eugeniusz Geppert Fundation during the V  E. Geppert’s Art Competition, IV Polish Exhibition Painting of Young Artists
2001 – ZPAP Prize in Wrocław during the E. Geppert’s Art Competition , IV Polish Exhibition Painting of Young Artists

Individual exhibitions

1998 – Wrocław, BWA Gallery, installation
1999 – Wrocław, Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, painting
2000 – Wrocław, Academy of Fine Arts, diploma exhibition “Between spirit and matter”, painting
2001 – Wrocław, Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, painting
2001 – Lublin, BWA Old Gallery, painting
2002 – Lublin, Labirynt 2 Gallery, “Maatt” exhibition, installation
2003 – Lublin, Grodzka 5a BWA Gallery, painting
2004 – Lublin, Labirynt 2 Gallery, painting
2007 – Lublin, Labirynt 2 Gallery, “Lekcja Łaciny” exhibition, installation

Group exhibtions

1997 – Szczecin, Castle of Pomeranian Dukes, Baltic Ikonopress’97
1998 – Wrocław, City Gallery
2000 – Lublin, BWA Gallery, „Wschodni Salon Sztuki’2000”
2000 – Legnica, BWA Gallery, painting
2001 – Wrocław, BWA Gallery, IV Polish Exhibition Painting of Young Artists – V E. Geppert’s Art Competition
2001 – Wrocław, Academy of Fine Arts Competition, Diploma exhibition 2000
2002 – Lublin, „Wschodni Salon Sztuki”, Lublin Museum
2005 – Lublin, „Wschodni Salon Sztuki”, WBP Hieronim Łopaciński Gallery, „Figuration all over again” exhibition
2006 – Lublin, Lublin Museum, „Autograph 2005”
2006 – Lublin, „Wschodni Salon Sztuki”, WBP Hieronim Łopaciński Gallery
2010 – Łódź, Performers from Lublin, City Art Gallery, Willa Gallery, installation



[1] Wrocław 18 IV 2001


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