Michał Migacz


Born: 1976


The digital painter creating designs and illustrations for the advertising industry, motion pictures, computer games and publishing.

He made his debut with the publication of illustrations in a non-existent today role-playing games magazine "Magia i Miecz". Some of his first works were produced using traditional techniques, in accordance with the education

he had received in high school of art and at the drawing faculty of the Architecture in Warsaw. His interest in digital painting started with accepting some jobs for storyboards for one of the agencies based in Warsaw. Since that very moment, he has been professionally working using digital techniques. In 2009 he was hired in the Metropolis Software, working on the production of video games. Since then, he has been developing his skills and that opened up a chance for cooperation with such postproduction companies as Platige Image or Plowing and CD Projekt - a computer games publisher.

Works as a concept artist in the post production Studio in Warsaw called Badi Badi FX Studio, where he is responsible for the design of characters and for site designs for television commercials and a new TV series for children called "Agi Bagi".


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