Mariusz Kozik "Flashbacks"

Mariusz Kozik studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław at Department of Painting.
It doesn’t mean that he limits himself to oil color or canvas. He is open - minded about new
media and techniques, what is one of his most characteristic features. It brings works related to
digital graphics, which are appreciated by producers of computer games and historic publishing
houses. Mariusz Kozik’ s art is a refined fusion of up-to-date technologies and flawless way of
painting. It means that sure-fire and practiced hand can’t be missed in his technique. With no
doubts, he represents himself as an experienced and professional artist. Not only new techniques
and great painting skills are characteristic of Mariusz Kozik’ s art. He is well- known especially
for particular topics. Most common for him are historical themes and battle scenes. He aims at
the precision in each detail, what requires mainly the different historical knowledge. The connection
between modern graphics and ancient times is an intriguing mixture, what not allow anybody
to disregard Mariusz Kozik’ s art, All of this, bring the artist an opinion as an original author,
who is not afraid of using the innovative arts means and achieves mastery of it.
During the Flashbacks exhibition will be presented 25 works. Mariusz Kozik said that his the most
favorite motives were ancient Rome and Greece, crusades, polish hussars and the Napoleonic
wars. It means that exhibition includes a broad timeframe. Flashbacks are artistic snapshots
about history. It is a polished and elaborate collection of great wars and battle of this world.
Each of the works represents the highest level of digital art, more precisely saying - Photoshop
computer program. The standard of Mariusz Kozik’ s art should confirm the fact that a few works
from Flashbacks exhibition are part of popular Creative Assembly computer games Total War:
Rome II and Total War: Atilla. What is more, Lisowczyk was an illustration in Jacek Komuda’ s
publication Samozwaniec: Moskiewska Ladacznica.
Mariusz Kozik always has been interested in old times - has read a lot about armaments and
equipment of the army, ways of conducting the attack or great battles. During his study in Wrocław
he was interested in contemporary art. After the graduation, he still thought that the classical art
techniques were intended for him. However, he has created mainly historical digital art for more
than ten years. Canvas was defeated by mobile tablet and brushes by the stylus. The change of
technique doesn’t lead to change a way of creating. Artist still underlines the good preparation
for making works. He reads an unimaginable amount of books and military albums anyway. Also
participates in historical reconstructions sometimes. Watching armors, charge and horses in
real - time is an unforgettable experience, which impresses and allow to pass emotions on the
screen of the tablet.
Works of Mariusz Kozik confront with the stereotype of boring and schematic presentation of
historic painting. Artist makes use of tradition of the classic painting, both way of using light
and composition, from the most famous artist such as Caravaggio or Roger van der Weyden.
Nevertheless, he always adds something from himself. Thanks that his works are far away from
just illustrations appropriate for the high school historic class. It doesn’t mean that they are without
education value. They are full of easy - available knowledge, what deserves for more than
a place in a military album. Fortunately, they are also far away from propagandist art, which try to
manipulate facts. Mariusz Kozik is not a creator of new history, he doesn’t glorify any country or
epoche. His art is not a pean about bravery or abilities of a polish, spartan or Napoleonic army.
Artist underlines the universal values - tradition, courage, heroism - unfortunately, more and more
forgotten. He is fascinated by a period from ancient Rome to contemporary times, from which he
is able to bring out the common ingredients and create coherent unity.
Mariusz Kozik is one of the few polish artists, who are appreciated on a difficult market of international
computer graphic. Just take a look at about 20 works during Flashbacks is enough to
understand why. His success is a result of hard work. He took a risk and changed technique of
art so we cordially invite You, to check if it is worth.

Karolina Michalak


Prints will be available on online store 1st of May 2017. 
Ask for presale or phone +48 502 582 572 

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