Piotr Forkasiewicz


Born 1978


Born 11 April 1978 in Opole. For 20 years in digital art. He made his first animation in simple 2D applications, replacing the single pixels with polygons in advanved 3D programmes.

In the last dozen or so years he has taken part in a variety of projects, ranging from graphic / industrial design to digital models, textures, scenography to film / tv animations. Potr has cooperated with an established studio 'Platige Image' working on a couple of medium-length films. He has also worked with Copernicus Science Centre Planetarium and also contributed to creating the first Polish 3D film „Na skrzydłach marzeń”.

The film won the „planetarium Oscar” in Jena, Germany. However, his greatest passion would be making digital pictures focused on military themes (mainly aerial and naval ones). Following in the footsteps of traditional artists, he started to create illustrations for books, magazines and for individual collectors. His works can be found in collections in England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and United States.

Piotr Fokasiewicz lives in Częstochowa together with his wife and two sons.


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