Childhood's end Marcin Jakubowski

Marcin Jakubowski

A freelance illustrator and a creator of concept art. Lives in Gdańsk. He contributed to many projects, in particular connected with CG animation, TV and advertising.

As a self-taught man, he took his first steps in digital graphics using Commodore 64. He connects his future with the film and game industry. Using his imagination, he creates new worlds in many different styles and genres, however puts the biggest stress on the climate of his works.

Awards received: NVArt: „Surreal in the style of Jacek Yerka” at, the second place at CG Challenge: „Steampunk: Myths and Legends” at, Texture Award 2d battle: „Beauty and the beast” at - Grand Prix Reproduced in Expose 10 – Ballistic Publishing, 2012 Digital Art Master (vol. 6 - 3dTotal), 2011 Spectrum 17 – Underwood Books, 2010 Expose 8 – Ballistic Publishing, 2010 Digital Art Master: volume 5 – 3dTotal, 2010 Art squared – digital painters 2 – Rage Publishing, 2010 Exotique 5 – Ballistic Publishing, 2009 Expose 7 – Ballistic Publishing, 2009 Big Book of Contemporary Illustration, Martin Dawber – Batsford, 2009

Product Description

Childhood's end, 2016 | Adobe Photoshop, giclée print, paper, 40 x 30 cm composition, 50 x 40 cm sheet, signed with a pencil, ed.1/20

Printout on quality paper made exclusively from cotton and meeting the strict requirements of the art market. more

Printout on the quality paper made exclusively from cotton and meeting the strict requirements of the art market. Fitted into a frame. more

Printout on high quality 340 gsm Ilford canvas, perfect range of colours preserved. more

Combining high quality printout with fine acrylic glass and Dibond® composite panel ; normally used on the art market. more

Number in Edition EUR USD PLN

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Additional Info

  • Limited edition of 20 copies
  • Polish Digital Art Authenticity Certificate
  • Handwritten signature of the author
  • Marked with a unique hologram
  • Copyrights Marcin Jakubowski
  • Possible choice of one of the four finishes more
  • Recommended finish: framed paper

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