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Maciej Rasała

Born in Gdynia, brought up in Sopot. Since he was 17, he has been fascinated by computer graphics. After graduating from the shipbuilding technical high school, he worked in a dock yard in Gdynia and that is how he collected money for his first and own computer. With determination he created his first portfolio which got him a job in Warsaw.

In 2007, at first he began working in TVN24, and then in Fakty TVN, where he was a graphic designer. Meanwhile, he devoted every spare moment to self-improvement.

At the age of 25, he decided to leave the TV and tried his hand as a freelancer. As a 3D generalist and compositor he teamed up with Varia Media, Film, killer whale, Mozzaika, etc. He worked for the Ministry of finance, Mostostal, on post production of Polish movies, commercials, as well as on graphics for computer games.

From 2012, he has been collaborating with “Niebo Kobernika” – a producing Studio, where he creates films in Fulldome technology dedicated for planetariums’ domes. The first movie which was released by this Studio is "Dream to Fly" (on the wings of dreams), available to viewers from the end of 2013. This production won a number of awards including Janus at the Festival in Jena. It is the most prestigious award given for a planetarium picture, it is the equivalent of an Oscar for Fulldome technology.

Today, he together with the team is working on another film production, however he is also engaged in his own projects connected with digital sculpting and creation of characters.

Product Description

Explorer, 2016 | 3ds Max, Zbrush, Adobe Photoshop, giclée print, paper, 40 x 30 cm composition, 50 x 40 cm sheet, signed with a pencil, ed.1/20

Printout on quality paper made exclusively from cotton and meeting the strict requirements of the art market. more

Printout on the quality paper made exclusively from cotton and meeting the strict requirements of the art market. Fitted into a frame. more

Printout on high quality 340 gsm Ilford canvas, perfect range of colours preserved. more

Combining high quality printout with fine acrylic glass and Dibond® composite panel ; normally used on the art market. more

Number in Edition EUR USD PLN

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Additional Info

  • Limited edition of 20 copies
  • Polish Digital Art Authenticity Certificate
  • Handwritten signature of the author
  • Marked with a unique hologram
  • Copyrights Maciej Rasała
  • Possible choice of one of the four finishes more
  • Recommended finish: framed paper

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