Secret Agent Szymon Biernacki

Szymon Biernacki

Born in Warsaw. Studied at the faculty of architecture of Warsaw University of Technology, where he obtained a degree in engineering. An independent drawer and conceptual artist. Since 2008 he has been designing advertisements, illustrations and animations.

At the moment fascinated by CG animations, which are about to become his speciality. He has worked for such productions as „Animated History of Poland” directed by Tomasz Bagiński, cinematic for the game „Age of Empires Online”, an animated series dedicated to the game Halo 4 or a full length animated film „Smallfoot” (directed by Serio Pablos). He has cooperated with such studios as Warner Brothers (Warner Animation Group), the SPA Studios, Blur, Axis Animation, Platige Image and advertising agencies including Oglivy Polska or Jung von Matt.

His works were published in „Expose” albums (Ballistic Publishing), „PRIME: THE DEFINITIVE DIGITAL ART COLLECTION” by 3DTotal as well as ImagineFX magazine.

Prizes received include:

- First Prize at Image Mater Award for his work „Auditions” – „B-Movie Challenge” organized by CGSociety.

- Best Landscape/Matte Painting Award – „Secret Agent Challenge” na CGSociety.


Past employers:

Product Description

Szymon Biernacki (born  1985) "Secret Agent", 2014 Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, giclée, canvas, 76 x 100 cm; signed on front, described on the back, numbers left from collection: 2/5, 3/5, 4/5 i 5/5.

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76 x 100 cm

Additional Info


  • Limited edition of 5 copies
  • Handwritten signature of the author
  • Marked with a unique hologram
  • Copyrights Szymon Biernacki
  • Polish Digital Art Authenticity Certificate


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