Strange visitors Jakub Różalski

Jakub Różalski

Graduate of School of Applied Arts in Poznań. He is a concept artist and an illustrator. Has been in professional graphics for about 10 years. Since his early childhood, he has been interested in drawing, painting, fantasy, film and games. From 2005 he worked as Chief Designer in the Apart company and as a freelance illustrator and a concept artist. A year ago

he decided to devote himself completely to what he loves most, which is conceptual graphics in games and making illustrations. He has worked for many, both polish and foreign, clients. Currently, he works and lives in Hamburg.

He is a lover of Polish mountains, wildlife and painting.


Exchibition "1920+" 18.03-1.04.2015r. Pragaleria ul. Stalowa 3

TVP info about exchibition: "Roboty jak z „Gwiezdnych Wojen” w Bitwie Warszawskiej?"

Product Description

Jakub Różalski painting entitled "Strange visitors", 2014. Painted digitaly in Adobe Photoshop program and printed on paper 42 x 29,7 cm afterwards. Signed and described by the artist. Limited edition of 20 copies. Secured by hologram and dry PGC stamp.

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