Till Death Do Us Part Przemysław Kotyński

Przemysław Kotyński

A Concept artist and an Illustrator who is currently works for the film and advertising production studio Orka in Warsaw. He worked in the postproduction of such pictures as "Obława" by Marcin Krzyształowicz, "80 millionów" by Waldemar Krzystka, "Dziewczyna z szafy" by Bodo Koxa, "Ixjany" by Skolimowski brothers, or “AmbaSSady" by Juliusz Machulski. He has created for such brands as Mazda, Orange, ladybug, Oshee, Bwin, Bakoma, Garnier, coral, Play, Peugeot, Samsung, Ferrero. He also worked for the video game industry, among his projects are "Anomaly: Warzone Earth", the game of Warsaw studio 11bit Studios, which won an Apple Design Award and many other honours.

On the list of his clients are such firms as Platige Image, Vivid Games, Yakumama or CI Games. Some of his brilliant works were published in EXOTIQUE 6 and EXPOSE 10 by Ballistic Publishing House, or the BOOK OF CREATION 2012 by Oracom.

He comes from Żyrardów. He obtained his Master’s degree from the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science at the Warsaw University of Technology, where he studied CAD/CAM. Recently he has been engrossed in the short animated movie in the nor climate. The movie is called “Ta cholerna nadzieja” and it is his directing debut, it is financed, among other institutions, by Polish Film Art Institute. The movie is being produced in a close collaboration with Bartosz Kędzierki, more widely known from “Władcy Móch”.

Product Description

Przemysław Kotyński ( born  1981) Till Death Do Us Part, 2012 Adobe Photoshop, giclée, canvas, 45 x 70cm; signed on front, described on the back, numbers: 2/5, 3/5, 4/5 i 5/5.

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45 x 70 cm

Additional Info


  • Limited edition of 5 copies
  • Handwritten signature of the author
  • Marked with a unique hologram
  • Copyrights Przemysław Kotyński
  • Polish Digital Art Authenticity Certificate


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