Goblin Izabela Zelmańska

Izabela Zelmańska

Professionally engaged in designing and modeling characters for games, animations and movies. She has been drawing since her early years. She started with comics, then tried her hand at painting.

Professionally she has been dealing with 2D graphics for over 11 years and with 3D for about 6. After-hours spent sculpting in clay, she models using graphic programs. She also looks into photogrammetry for the use of scanning forms.

She is passionate about horror film, criminology and forensics. She has participated in the process of making such games as "Dead Island Riptide" by Techland, "The Vanishing of Ethan Carter," The Astronauts. She also created a character of a lying creature to the film "Silent Hill: Anniversary," directed by Jay Ness.

The list of her clients includes Ubisoft, Platige Image, Juice. She currently works in the games industry and tries to create independent projects.

Product Description

Digital sculpture by Izabela Selena Zelmańska ( born 1984 r.). Title "Goblin", 2013. Work was done in detail in Zbrush computer program and printed on the 3d printer (CJP) VisiJet PXL afterwards, h. 25 cm; Signed on the bottom, 2/5. 3/5. 4/5. 5/5.

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wys. 25 cm

Additional Info

  • Printed on the 3d printer (CJP) VisiJet PXL
  • Limited edition of 5 copies
  • Handwritten signature of the author
  • Marked with a unique hologram
  • Copyrights Selena Zelmańska
  • Polish Digital Art Authenticity Certificate

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