Sylwia Bomba


Ur. 1989



Illustrator and concept artist. Her great adventure with drawing and painting has started long before school education. under the tutelage of her father. She sealed her love for the art by leaving to Italy in 2005 where she has started art school and her first job as a graphic designer.

During high school her adventure with art brought some of the first place prizes in prestigious national illustration competitions ( Durexa advertisement or graphic/packaging in "Centro di studi grafici" in Milan). She exhibited her works in several cities ( 2007 Pistoia, Italy / 2008 Prague, Czech Republic/ 2009 Hamstad, Sweden i 2014 Rzeszów - where she led rally of the artists and was responding to their questions).

She worked for the clients such as: Disney, Pixar, Marvel,  Coca Cola i Chupa Chups.

She graduated Digital Art Academy at the faculty of film (animation 2D/3D) in Florence. She also worked as drawing instructor at the film animation academy from Utah - Animschool (2014-2015). She was interviewed by Italian newspapers ( "La Nazione" 2010), magazine Day&Night (2014), she appeared in the Tuscan regional news shortly after winning the graphic contest (2009) and also in the polish morning tv show "Dzień Dobry TVN" (2015).

She cooperated in creating chapters for the book 3d Total, addressed to the fans of traditional sketching (2015) and also she gave a short interview for the 2D Magazine (2015).

As a lover of traditional art. she looks for the reflection of the history and glare of the past in the digital world, which masters of art gave us.

Currently she works for Neko Productions from North Hollywood.


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