Tomasz Jędruszek


Born 1977

Tomasz Jędruszek is an illustrator born in 1977. By profession, he is an architect, but his passions were always illustration and comic. He started his illustrator's career in 2003. In his 12-year-long career he managed to work on all the titles that he had previously known only from books and television, like “The Lord of the Rings”, “Star Wars”, “Game of Thrones” or “Warhammer”. However, he never managed to publish his own comic book, even though he has been working on a couple of titles in the privacy of his atelier. His work as an illustrator earned him numerous awards and honourable mentions. He published in “Digital Art Masters”, “Expose”, “Exotique”, “World Greatest Erotic Art” and others. Privately, he tends to his family and the Artist on Board group founded to minimise the distance between professional and amateur artists by organising practical workshops and theoretical lectures.


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